Looking at Gutter Repair in Lawrence, KS in an Entirely Different Light

Most people take the gutter system on their homes for granted. If one stops working, it’s more of an inconvenience than anything. What many people fail to realize is the importance of the gutter system. One that isn’t working is far more important than a simple inconvenience. A poorly functioning gutter system can contribute to a lack of structural integrity of a home or another structure. Because of this, it puts a new found importance on Gutter Repair in Lawrence KS.

Many people may be asking how something as simple as a gutter system can be so imperative to the structural integrity of the home. Excessive amounts of rain don’t often affect a well-constructed home. These homes have been designed and constructed to deal with rainfall. The problem lies with the foundation of the home. If the home has a basement, the foundation of the home is the basement walls. Homes without a basement typically have a slab concrete foundation.

Gutters were created to move water away from the home. When these gutters are clogged or broken, the water is able to pool around the base of the home. Even with small and steady amounts of rain, this water is absorbed into the soil around the foundation. This moisture can seep through porous basement walls, or it can seep into the soil underneath the concrete slab, causing the substrate soil to become loosened. This can cause slab foundations to shift or to deteriorate and break off. This can result in the actual structure of the home settling or shift. With significant shifting, the home can be unsafe to occupy. For basements, moisture coming through not only can cause a basement to have standing water or high levels of humidity, over time, it can cause a degradation of the basement walls, making the home lose structural soundness.

This may be unbelievable to some, but something as simple as poorly functioning gutters can threaten your home. That’s why, if gutters at your homes aren’t working properly, you may want to consider professional Gutter Repair in Lawrence KS. If you need technicians to handle the repair, or if you simply need replacement parts to handle the repair on your own, you can hop online, browse our website and get more information on gutter repair services or replacement parts.

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