Look for a Used Cadillac Dealer; Find the Best in Minooka

New car prices continue to rise. As such, many buyers are visiting a used Cadillac dealer that offers certified pre-owned, as well as used cars. For many years, buyers of used vehicles did not know what they were really getting. Things are very different today. The quality of new cars is far better than it ever has been. However, some people have concerns. For these buyers, the solution is a certified pre-owned Cadillac. These cars are used, but before they are sold, they are subjected to a multi-point quality check. When sold, they are almost as good as new.

The Difference Between a Used Car and a CPO Car

Before a used Cadillac can be put into the dealer CPO program, the car must be put through a multi-point inspection, done by factory-mandated procedures. Any parts that are worn or damaged must be replaced before the car can be sold.

Certified pre-owned is not a marketing tool. A CPO vehicle is used but will have, at most, 50,000 miles on it and vehicles over five years old are not accepted. Once the car has passed the tests, it is given a factory-backed warranty as one of the benefits.

It is possible to get the same level of confidence when buying a used car. However, the buyer is responsible for the cost of the inspection and parts replacement.

When a used Cadillac dealer takes in high quality used cars as trade-in, or cars that are being returned off lease, they are subjected to inspection. If the car meets the strict standards adopted by Cadillac, it is sold as a CPO vehicle. CPO cars may cost a little more than used cars, but they have low mileage, and they have been brought back to as-new condition.

If you are looking for a used Cadillac dealer in Minooka, visit Hawk Cadillac of Joliet near Minooka. For a current listing of quality used and CPO Cadillacs, visit their website.

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