Long Distance Moving Company Services in Baton Rouge

Long distance moving can be daunting, but with a solid long distance moving company, your relocation can be easy and stress free. Baton Rouge long distance movers offer you a wide choice of services to meet your needs, and be sure to look for the American Moving and Storage Association’s (AMSA) ProMover logo for good service. They will ensure your peace of mind, and help you get through the problems of long distance moving with solid solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Full Service Movers
Full service long distance movers offer you the services you need to get your inventory safely across continents and across the world. They offer long distance moving services which include comprehensive planning, destination packages and help with customs clearance. Freight forwarding and import and export documentation are offered for your convenience. Destination services are important features, and online move tracking helps keep your finger on the pulse of your move. Good communication through a single point of contact with multilingual coordinators should be standard practices.

Additional Services
Short or long-term storage facilities with individual planning are offered by any long distance moving company. Baton Rouge has the long distance movers to ensure your goods are securely and safely stored with plans tailored for your special needs. Full packing and unpacking solutions are available which include debris removal; and many companies offer specialized handling and packaging if required. Property protection and insurance plans as well as claims management are services offered to help make your relocation worry free.

Land, sea and air transportation by direct carriers licenses and commissioned by the Federal Maritime Commission ensures you are in good hands, and quality is assured when your moving company is ISO 9001 and FAIM certified. These certifications mean that your carrier is audited by teams outside the company. The audits ensure that international carriers meet rigid standards which provide transparent reporting and communication as well as quality handling practices.

The long distance mover you choose in Baton Rouge should supply you with all these services, and their certifications ensure you are safe and easy move. They have the quality that promotes trust and confidence in their services. The rigid requirements to receive these certifications ensure your carrier of choice maintains the highest level of standards in the field of long distance moving.

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