Log Mill Equipment: Turning Lumber Into Logs

The forestry industry is not an easy line of work to be in. Turning logs into lumber is a tough business to be involved in. To achieve the goals of producing lumber from rough logs requires turnkey sawmill solutions. For this, companies and individuals require the right type of log mill equipment.

Saw/Log mill Equipment

Mill equipment ranges in size, shape, and purpose. These include, naturally, a number of saws. Standard equipment in sawmills include:

• Bandmills
• Carriages
• Canters
• Chippers
• Debarkers
• Edgers
• Kilns
• Resaws
• Stackers
• Trimmers

However, for those who need to produce lumber from roughhewn logs on their own or with another individual, particularly in more remote areas, the tool of choice is often the Alaskan small log mill. Equipment such as this makes small operations and singular workers more efficient, effective and productive.

The Alaskan Log Mill

This is a form of portable chainsaw designed to carry and operate in remote areas as well as more confined spaces. The simple models of this type of chainsaw allow one person to handle the operations. Larger, more complex models require two individuals to operate them effectively. This makes them a favorite of those who fall into these categories.

A log mill attachment can convert a traditional chainsaw into a very portable sawmill. It is simple. The operator clamps it to the bar of a chainsaw. He or she can then produce the desired lumber from the logs on hand. The diverse sizes make it possible for application on different chainsaw bar lengths.

Log Mill Equipment

Making money in a highly competitive and fluctuating industry is difficult at the best of times. When times are tough, it is important for the industry to improve the efficiency of their productivity. This demand ensuring all aspects, particularly the log mill equipment is lean, mean refining machines.

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