Live in Comfort With Help From an Excellent Air Conditioning Contractor Kitsap County

Cooling a building can be handled in two basic methods. The first is to remove the heat from the structure and the other is to create a source of cold air to distribute through the space. Sometimes, these two functions are similar. Consider the case of the heat pump. This device is used to collect heat from one area and move it to another, typically from an indoor space to the outdoors. Alternately, the use of a split or ductless system can perform a similar function.

The most common appliance installed and serviced by an expert Air Conditioning Contractor Kitsap County is the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. The HVAC is one kind of central heating and cooling appliance that is also known as a forced air system. This is due to the way the appliance works. A forced air system pushes the building’s interior air through the air exchanger and into a series ducts. This allows the comfort appliance to cool larger spaces.

An AC works by compressing a chemical refrigerant and forcing a state change that allows the refrigerant to accumulate heat. The heat will be collected from around the coil that the refrigerant enters first, typically the evaporator coil found inside the air exchanger. Drawing heat through the coil results in cooling the metal and a simplistic method for treating the whole building. It also requires a lot of mechanical energy to make the system work properly and this means that an experienced air conditioning contractor in Kitsap County will need to inspect and service the system, usually on an annual basis.

The previously mentioned split system provides an excellent solution for those homes that cannot or do not have usable air ducts. This is possible because the appliance uses several blowers, up to eight per condenser, for distribution. Separate blowers allow the property owner to control settings in different areas or zones. One use for this setup is lowering utility costs when everyone is asleep. After all, there is little need to treat the other rooms of the building at the same level when they are not occupied.

Keep in mind that all comfort appliances need to be cleaned and serviced. In fact, most manufacturers recommend this service on an annual basis and may suggest separate service for each aspect of the system. To learn more about comfort systems contact an expert such as Quality Heating Electrical & AC.

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