Light Assisted Senior Housing in Spokane WA for People Dealing With Arthritis

Some senior citizens eventually decide to move to assisted living because their arthritis symptoms make it very difficult for them to do necessary tasks at home. Technically, they don’t need nursing care or routine assistance, but they know life will be easier if they can rely on someone to prepare meals and do their housekeeping and laundry. Senior Housing in Spokane WA is available for individuals who need this level of help; it commonly is referred to as light assisted living. Prospective residents can choose an apartment of the size that seems most suitable and begins to feel some relief at not having to deal with tasks that have become too challenging.

At this type of community for Senior Housing in Spokane WA, residents can prepare meals in the apartment on days when symptoms are manageable. They appreciate the chance to eat in a common area on other days. They can choose to have a staff member bring them something to eat if they’re not in the mood to socialize. If the person would benefit from help with bathing, hair washing, dressing and general grooming, those services can be provided as well.

Residents also can safely participate in exercise activities known to help reduce arthritis symptoms. If they’ve been seeing a doctor for help with the condition, they already know that regular exercise is crucial for decreasing pain and stiffness. It’s also important for preventing weight gain, which can put additional pressure on sore joints.

At at a senior residence such as Orchard Crest Retirement Community, many types of exercise activities are offered for groups and individuals. Water aerobics, for instance, can be particularly beneficial for arthritis patients. Leisurely swimming in the pool also is helpful. The buoyancy of the water allows seniors to get exercise without worrying about falling and injuring themselves. Residents can participate in organized exercise programs focusing on walking, toning the body and practicing Thai Chi. Organized programs can be motivating to individuals who otherwise would not bother to be physically active. Having friends engaging in the activities at the same time makes everything more fun and enjoyable.

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