Let Your Office Movers Do More Than Move

Planning to move an office in Fort Lauderdale is a lot more complicated than moving a home or apartment. There are typically more people involved, much more material, equipment and supplies, and often highly important documents, records and items that have to be safely transported. For these reasons, hiring trusted office movers is always the best choice.

While you can expect any office movers to handle the basic transportation of your office equipment, fixtures, boxes and furniture, there ae some moving companies providing a complete range of services. Understanding what you commercial moving company has to offer can allow you to take a lot of the stress out of the move and focus on the other issues you need to address.

New Office Design

A few of the top office movers provide support for developing a floor plan or a new office design plan for new office location. This is a great thing to have in place before the move occurs, allowing quick move-in with everything put in position by the movers to your specifications and needs.

Without a floor plan for the new location, there can be a lot of wasted time during the moving in process, and this is not a fault of the office movers but rather the constant revisions in the positioning of the large items by the business.

Moving Electronics and Sensitive Equipment

Trying to manage the packing of desktops, printers, scanner, photocopiers, servers and the other types of office equipment can be a real challenge. When you hire office movers providing this service, they come in with the right boxes and the right packing materials to move these sensitive and costly office components without any difficulty.

These companies can also disconnect the systems and then reconnect them at the destination. This means your staff and your IT department doesn’t have to try to manage this all when they arrive to work on the first day in the new location.

Move Out Cleaning

Instead of trying to arrange a private office cleaning service, talk to your Fort Lauderdale office movers about move out clean up. This helps to save you time and money, and it also ensures that the job will be done for the move in of the next business, avoiding any possible fines or penalties.

With all the services offered by office movers, virtually anything you need to be completed can be handled. Talk to your move coordinator and ask if there is a particular issue you need the movers to cover.

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