Lesser – Known Commercial Moving Company Services

The idea of moving typically brings to mind a bunch of ragtag friends carrying boxes to and from a van – not a very sophisticated operation. The exact opposite is true for an experienced commercial moving company. Miami, FL is home to many of these great companies, who are performing niche moves every day. Read on to see exactly what it is they’re doing.

Laboratory, Medical and Hospital Moves
Most of us probably don’t give a lot of thought to how incredibly complicated it is to move an entire medical facility. After all, there’s tons of paperwork, expensive machines, and lifesaving medicines that need to be safely and properly transported. An experienced commercial moving company will likely have state-of-the-art air-ride truck suspension systems and climate-controlled vans to carefully transport sensitive items. Movers handling these sorts of moves are usually trained technical crews with experience custom packing and crating lab equipment and supplies, as well as tailoring packaging solutions of refrigerated or frozen work in progress.

Museum and Library Moving
Ever wonder how the rare items we see in museums come to find their homes in glass cases after they’ve been excavated in foreign lands? A commercial moving company got them there! Commercial movers have been tasked with transporting some of the most treasured items in the world, including fine art and ancient artifacts. These movers specialize in the meticulous preparation it takes to wrap properly, pack and crate these items before they are moved. They’re also incredibly precise with labeling so that no rare items are mixed up or mislabeled. High-profile deliveries usually involve sophisticated tracking systems to ensure that these precious gems are never lost.

Industrial Moves
Moving businesses that operate in the heaving industries and various construction specialties is something that commercial moving companies with the right knowledge and experience can handle. There are various technical issues involved with the disconnection and hook-up of equipment that only the right experts can successively solve. This type of move requires more specialized knowledge and expertise than your typical residential or even standard commercial office move. When heaving industry or specialized technological processes are involved, commercial relocation goes to a whole other level.

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