Legal Representation Through A Wrongful Death Attorney

For anyone, losing a loved one because of the negligence of someone else simply compounds an already tragic event. However, when the individual or entity responsible for the death is not willing to accept responsibility, getting a wrongful death attorney involved as quickly as possible is essential.

No wrongful death attorney assumes that monetary compensation can somehow make up for the loss of a loved one, but it can help to allow you to have the financial ability to continue to live your life without financial concerns because of the loss.

Statute of Limitations

In most areas of the United States, a wrongful death action has to be filed within two years of the passing of the individual. However, there can be some variations on this, including the issue of criminal charges that may occur prior or during the filing of the wrongful death case.

A top wrongful death attorney will need time to prepare a case and to try to negotiation a settlement outside of the court. Getting an attorney involved as soon as possible helps to prevent complications and also make tracking down records, witnesses and evidence much easier.

Not a Criminal Case

It is possible for an individual to be charged with criminal offenses because of his or her actions or negligence resulting in death. However, a wrongful death attorney will not be involved in criminal charges; rather he or she represents the parents, spouse, children or survivors of the deceased or the estate of the deceased.

It is possible for an individual to be found not guilty in a criminal case and still be found at fault in a civil case. Your wrongful death attorney can explain the specifics if this is an issue in your case.

Compensation Possible

In a wrongful death case, there are both economic as well as non-economic damages that can be awarded. Economic damages are the actually costs the family has incurred because of the loss. This includes funeral expenses, medical care and lost wages based on the health, age and other factors for the deceased. It is also possible to obtain fees associated with the legal case as well as court fees and other out-of-pocket types of expenses.

Non-economical compensation will be explained by your wrongful death attorney based on your case. It can include loss of companionship, emotional pain, the pain and suffering of the individual prior to death and other factors.

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