Learning About Green Cremation Plans in Port Charlotte, FL

Cremation has been practiced since around 3,000 B.C. Ancient people saw it as a natural way to return people to the earth. Today, there is a new process called green cremation, and it is a great way to honor individuals who tried to live green. It takes a body that is buried 20 years to return to a natural state. However, alkaline hydrolysis speeds up the process in a green cremation. The final products of the process are bone ash and a sterile fluid. The fluid is composed of peptides, amino acids, and sugars. This technology is only available in the U.S. and over two thousand have been completed so far.

The website explains the process and answers many questions. How does green cremation protect the environment? Well, there are several ways. First, traditional coffins are not used, which saves on emissions of toxic chemicals in the air. In fact, there are 90 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than in regular cremation. Additionally, 90 percent less gas is used and electricity usage is cut by over 60 percent. Regular coffins cannot be used in green cremation. Rather, the coffin has to be made of plant-based materials. Common materials for containers are bamboo and silk. Some of the containers are made to slide into a regular coffin. Therefore, the coffin can be used for viewing purposes. Interestingly, metal objects, from joint replacements, are not burned and can be recycled.

How is Green Cremation done? Well, the body is placed in a machine, the resomator. The machine is filled with a solution of water, hydroxide, and potassium. Next, the temperature is raised to over 350 degrees. However, the machine is pressured to prevent boiling. There can still be a service included in Green Cremation Plans in Port Charlotte FL. In fact, many families have a memorial service right before the green cremation. The funeral director gives the family the green remains, bone ash. Amazingly, bone ash can be used in a garden. What a special way to return a loved one to the earth. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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