Learn Why Used Cars In Palos Hills Could Be Better Than New

Most people feel that a new car means that they have made it. They are financially stable, have a good job and can afford such an expense. However, many successful individuals still prefer used cars in Palos Hills, especially when they consider depreciation problems, get more features and even get better quality options than in the past.


Most people have heard that a new car depreciates the moment it is driven off the dealership’s lot. While this is true, you may not realize that the car could depreciate by as much as 30 percent in the first two years of owning it. Why would you want to spend a lot of money on something that is going to go down in value anyway? You could, instead, buy someone’s loss off their hands instead.


The trouble in the past, was that used cars in Palos Hills symbolized junk. They were only meant to last a few short years and then become “lemons.” However, nowadays, a vehicle is made to last a lot longer, especially if you perform regular maintenance on them. Therefore, you can purchase an older vehicle and still expect to get about ten years out of them before trading it in or seeking out something different.

More Features

In most cases, standard features are exceptional with new vehicles. However, you may also pay more for the privilege of having those items on the car. However, pre-owned vehicles will still have all those features, and possibly more, without the higher price tag. This means that you can still get the best option for your budget without overspending.

Extended Warranty

While not all dealerships include an extended warranty on their vehicles, many are now doing so, especially since the vehicles are of higher quality from the start. While the cost may be slightly more upfront, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if something goes wrong. It allows you more peace of mind to know that if something does go wrong, you’re covered for at least part of the cost.

New Car Smell Isn’t Always Great

While most people enjoy the scent of a new vehicle, it won’t last forever. After about six months, that smell is gone, and you’re left with the spilled coffee, dirt, and whatever the kids bring into the car. Therefore, you shouldn’t focus on the smell or the shininess, but rather, the overall value.

Used cars in Palos Hills can be an exceptional alternative to new versions. Visit Hawk Ford today to find your next vehicle.

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