Learn How To Install Basic Garden Ponds In Silverdale WA

An outdoor water feature will complement greenery and flowering plants that are growing on a residential piece of land. Garden ponds in Silverdale WA are fairly easy to install and can be enjoyed daily. After filling a pond with water, ornamental pieces can be added to a pond to enhance specific parts of a water feature. The instructions that follow describe how to install a small pond.


* plastic pond liner
* flexible measuring tape
* shovel
* tamping tool
* crushed gravel
* soil
* landscaping rocks
* water hose
* submersible water pump
* filtration device
* electrical source
* aquatic plants
* waterproof lights

Purchase A Pond Liner And Accessories And Dig A Hole

A pond liner that is constructed of vinyl or plastic will prevent water from leaking once water is added to it. Liners are often various shapes and sizes. This type of liner often resembles a kid-sized pool since the vinyl or plastic is stiff and the liner has prominent walls and a base.

Landscaping rocks, a submersible water pump, a filtration device, plants and lights are additional items that should be purchased. The accessories will assist with keeping the water inside of the pond clean and adding unique details to the water feature.

Install The Liner And Use Soil To Cover The Edges Of It

After measuring the base of the pond liner, a hole that is large enough to support the vinyl or plastic liner should be dug. An area that receives partial sunlight should be selected. After a hole has been created, a tamping tool can be used to compact the surface of the hole’s base.

A thin layer of crushed gravel should be spread across the base. The gravel will assist with stabilizing the liner. After inserting the liner in the hole, shovelfuls of soil should be set on top of the liners edges. Landscaping rocks can be used to create a border around Garden ponds in Silverdale WA.

Add Accessories

A submersible water pump and filtration device should be added to the pond. After connecting a water hose to a water supply, water should be sprayed into a pond until it is full. The water pump and filtration device should be plugged into an electrical socket before turning the devices on. Aquatic plants or submersible lighting can be placed in various parts of a water feature if desired.

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