Learn About SculpSure in Chicago

As a recent beauty expert wrote, “Fat is complicated. It’s stubborn, demonized, praised, misunderstood.” We heartily agree with that, and hope readers do, too. Why? Because it can be very difficult to feel body positive if you misunderstand or misread what is going on with your figure, particularly where bodily fat is concerned. It can linger years after you’ve shed unwanted pounds and it can form on even the slimmest people. It can be impossible to eliminate, and if you have struggled with areas of stubborn fat or unwanted pockets of it, then you can finally find an answer with some SculpSure in Chicago.

Ideal for those who are really struggling to eliminate stubborn fat from difficult areas, including the double chin, the abdomen, the muffin top area, thighs, arms and bra areas, this is an ideal solution. This is one of the most innovative technologies to emerge in decades and it uses a painless method of laser treatment to erase unwanted fat. The way it works is remarkably simple. You pay a visit to the office and in roughly half of an hour’s time, you can be headed out the door.

Now, it is important to know that your SculpSure in Chicago is not an instant fix. This is because the treatment uses a specialized laser that super heats areas of targeted fat cells. The heat, which you do not feel as anything more than warmth, will cause unfixable damage to the cells. They collapse and are absorbed by the body and passed out via your lymphatic system. It can take up to three full months to see the changes, but you will see them.

However, the good news is that it is a purely outpatient treatment and you can be back up and going right away. You will need a few treatments for optimal results, but they are entirely customizable to your needs. It is also an FDA approved treatment and we are happy to say that 90% of patients who used our SculpSure in Chicago are satisfied with the results.

We can also provide you with other body contouring solutions if you wish to tighten the skin or reshape your figure using specialty treatments. If you are eager to learn about your options for SculpSure in Chicago, feel free to contact Regency Medical Spa to book a consultation and office visit.

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