Lawn Care in Suffolk County Can be Provided With Experience and Skill

Your lawn is a vital part of your home. It is the exterior item that stands out and makes your home look very nice and very well maintained. The curb appeal makes your home attractive to your neighbors and to your family. It makes you proud to live there.


Lawn care involves more than cutting the grass. It also involves edging the grass where it meets areas that should not have grass growing over them. The sidewalk is an example. You do not want grass growing wild over concrete. The grass should be neatly trimmed in every area where it is in contact with a flower or shrub bed or concrete.


A pre-emergence weed killer should be applied to stop the weeds from popping up. This product should be one that is formulated for your type of grass. A pre-emergence product is also good for the shrub and flower beds. The grass also needs to be fertilized in the Spring to give it a good start. Lawn Care service in Suffolk County will know what kind of fertilizer to apply. There are many brands and several ratios of nitrogen and phosphorus. Selecting the right fertilizer will help the grass thicken and become a field of green. Occasionally, it is helpful to have the soil analyzed so that any nutrients that are missing can be applied.


Lawn Care in Suffolk County is important to the homeowner, and one characteristic of lawn care that adds to the beauty of the lawn is the proper mowing height. If the blades are set too low, then the grass will look brown and the heat will burn the lawn. If the blades are set too high the grass will look unkempt. Every type of grass has a recommended mowing height.


If an automatic sprinkling system is not installed, then it would be a good idea to install one. This is not a complex system to install, and it is connected to an automatic timer which can be set to water on specific days and times. Very little tear up of the yard is required. Even the flower beds can be watered this way. You will never have to worry about dragging a hose around the yard or about who will water your grass while you are on vacation.

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