Last Minute Checks Before The Arrival Of A Lancaster, PA, Moving Company

It is not at all uncommon for things to be left behind, forgotten or simply missed in the last minute preparation for a move. Using checklists and packing tips from Lancaster, PA, movers can help to reduce the chances of this from happening, but sometimes even these do not address all the unique needs for a move.

It is a good idea to plan a few strategic last minute checks before the arrival of the moving company. These can be done a few hours before the movers are to be at the home, condo or apartment, allowing enough to time to pack any missed items and to get organized if a problem is noted.

Check Appliances

Take the time to open up all appliances left behind in the home and make sure they are empty. This includes the fridge and the oven as well as the washer, dryer, and dishwasher. If the moving company is packing appliances, it is still important to check they are empty and all moving parts are secured as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Depending on how long the home will be empty, it may be important also to unplug appliances, shut off the water valves to the appliances and taps and to make sure everything is turned off.

Check Closets, Cupboards, and Cabinets

It is very easy for kids or adults to forget and return items to a cabinet or cupboard after use and after the room has been packed in a Lancaster, PA, home. Take a few minutes and go through the home, checking each closet and other types of storage areas. Make a last minute check of the basement, attic, and garage if they are areas used for storage.

In most cases, the moving company will provide these items on a checklist of things to do on moving day. If possible, do these checks a day ahead, then just confirm they are completely cleaned out on moving day.

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