Laser Engraved Signs in Oahu

Laser Engraved Signs in Oahu have many uses and can be made in various styles. A small commercial sign near the door is one of the first things customers see before they enter a business. A professional sign that is easy to read will make a great impression. If the font is too small or the message unclear, customers may go elsewhere. If the sign appears dull, dirty, or outdated, the business down the street may look more appealing. It is quick and cost-effective to have new business signs made for the entrance. Same day services are available from experienced engravers using state-of-the-art equipment.

Other uses for Engraved Signs in Oahu include plaques, desk signs, awards, gifts for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, promotional items, and corporate gifts. Engraved name tags for staff lets them know that the business values its employees. It is a small way to encourage pride in their work and increase productivity. Identification (ID) tags with the business name and the individual’s name for inspectors, service or repair technicians, and trades people is helpful for security reasons. It also makes people feel more confident about letting technicians into their homes or offices. A large plumbing company, for example, can utilize identification badges for their workforce. It is more cost-effective to provide for employees than shirts. Providing a number of shirts and covering the cost of laundering them can be expensive. Engraved ID badges can save time and money for businesses.

Signs, gifts, and badges can be custom made in various styles. Different fonts are available in both block and script lettering. Borders, scrolls, and designs can be added to signs based on customers’ preferences. Custom designs are possible for signs, so any logo, branding, or design can be placed on signs. A picture or a clear idea of what they want to have engraved is helpful. Design and proofing services are available for customization. Customers need to realize that staff are not graphic designers, and there are limitations to what can be created. Browse our website to view some examples of previous work, learn all the variations available for engraving, and place an order for new signs.

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