Know Your Rights in Ohio with Lemon Laws

Dealerships in Ohio have to adhere to the lemon law, which protects consumers from purchasing cars that don’t run correctly or have malfunctioning parts. If you purchase a vehicle that is not certified in the state of Ohio, you may be opening yourself up to issues with dealerships that try to sell damaged vehicles. You should always protect yourself and understand the Ohio lemon law. There are also quicker ways to resolve these disputes by hiring a knowledgeable attorney.

Ohio Lemon Law
A lemon in Ohio is defined as a motor vehicle that has a consistent problem preventing you from driving it correctly. This means that it is not covered under warranty and cannot be fixed. It may require substantial repairs to get the vehicle running again.

You are covered under Ohio lemon law if the problem occurred within the first year after purchase or within 18,000 miles. You may also need to show proof that you took it to the dealer or manufacturer to have the problems resolved. This means showing adequate documentation that you tried to have the car serviced.

Protect Yourself
You should keep good records of each service appointment and document the problems with the vehicle. You should also keep all repair orders and make sure that the mechanic takes notes before you leave with your vehicle. You should also write down all of the defects and problems with the vehicle as well. If you have a warranty, you should copy any orders that use the warranty. Most problems with evidence can be avoided if you make copies of any communication with the dealership as well.

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