Klargester in Sussex – How You Can Maintain Your Drainage System

Unusual smells, gargling noises, poor water pressure  – these are just a few of many signs that there could be something wrong with sewage systems manufactured by Klargester in Sussex. Klargester is one of the biggest producers of sewage systems, with more than five million people in the UK alone relying on this company’s products. Septic tanks, reed beds, oil and water separators – you name it, they sell it. If your drainage system was made by Klargester and you want to avoid potential problems, maintenance is essential. Before you hire professional help, use the following maintenance tips.


Pump The Septic Tank Frequently


Before you can do this, you will need to find out where your septic tank cover is located. It might be best to contact a professional if you are really unsure because unless the septic tank is pumped on a regular basis, sludge might fill the drain field, which will result in blockages, bad smells and flooding. Ideally, a licensed plumber should pump the tank once every three years, and it’s a good idea to put a marker near the septic tank cover so that you know where to find it in future.


Don’t Put Solids Down Drains


A lot of people put foreign objects down their drains without even realising it. Cotton buds, condoms, feminine hygiene products, paper towels and dental floss are just a few things that are regularly flushed down the toilet. Unwanted food, grease and oil is often poured down kitchen sink drains too, and this can cause stubborn blockages that are hard to remove. Plumbing systems cannot handle these materials and if they are faced with solids, chemicals and foreign objects, a layer of scum will form on top of the septic tank.


Drain Field Protection


There is no need to maintain the drain field Klargester in Sussex, but it is wise to inspect the area every so often to ensure that there is nothing obstructing it. Use spouts or some type of surface water run-off to divert water away from the roof, and refrain from fitting underground sprinklers near the drain field, as this can cause flooding. Other ways in which you can protect the drain field include keeping rodents at bay and fixing leaking fixtures.


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