Kids And Sports Injuries: What Parents Need To Consider

Kids and athletic competitions at all different levels are a great match. Most parents are thrilled that their kids enjoy at least a few different sports and activities, and they encourage participation. While sports are a great lifelong way to stay active, the correct treatment of sports injuries in growing kids is essential to prevent health issues in the future.

The Family Doctor or Sports Medicine Specialist?

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for the family doctor to handle all types of sports injuries with both kids and adults. While these doctors provide outstanding medical care for the emergency or immediate treatment of the injury, they don’t have the specialized training of a sports medicine doctor.

With specialized training in both injuries as well as prevention, taking kids to a sports medicine clinic and physician is important if there are specific issues of the injury or a pattern of injuries.

Typically parents should see a specialist in sports injuries if the child:

  • Has the same or a similar injury to a limb or joint
  • Has a concussion or a concussion is suspected
  • Continues to have swelling or pain even after recovery
  • Has pain and swelling related to use or overuse
  • Is hiding the injury or minimizing the discomfort or pain with use

Additionally, if the child seems to have multiple injuries in sports, even if they are not identical, a visit to a specialist is in order. In some cases, a musculoskeletal or biomechanical issues may be at the root of the problem with stability, balance or even issues with coordination.

Treatment for Injuries

With most sports injuries treated by a sports medicine professional, physical therapy and the use of necessary orthotics will be used to not only speed recovery but to build up strength in the joint or limb. This can be very effective in preventing repeat injuries.

The sports medicine specialist can also work with kids so they can avoid use and overuse injuries that will help them to stay healthy and avoid injuries. In some treatments, kids may learn how to run, jump, throw or kick in a much more effective way, reducing their risk of injury and also improving their performance.

While not all sports injuries need to be treated by a specialist, as a parent it is always a good idea to take kids in for an evaluation if you have any concerns. This gives you peace of mind and allows kids to enjoy activities now and in the future.

If your kids have a history of sports injuries or have a current injury, our sports medicine specialists can complete evaluations and provide treatment. For more information visit Suburban Orthopaedics at You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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