Kidney Cancer And Exposure To Diesel Fumes

Diesel, like gasoline, is refined from raw crude oil. Gasoline is used by the majority of passenger cars and light trucks while diesel is used for heavy equipment such as semi trucks, locomotives, bus fleets, ships, etc although it is also used in some cars.

Diesel engine exhaust spews a toxic soup of soot and gases into the atmosphere. Studies have been undertaken to determine if exhaust from diesel engines causes cancer, there is enough evidence to suggest that this is the case. Lung, bladder and kidney cancer are distinct possibilities, hence the need for a victim to consult with a kidney cancer lawyer rather than simply settle for workers compensation if there is overwhelming evidence that it is directly related to a hazard in the workplace.

At work:

Although anyone can be exposed to diesel exhaust where they live and play, the greatest exposure is to those who are employed in specific industries. Truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, railroad employees, dock works, etc spend the greatest part of their day exposed to diesel exhaust; hence they are considered a high risk group.

Industrial cancer takes many years to develop, it is the responsibility of an employer to constantly carry out health risk assessments to ensure that that employees are not exposed to cancer causing carcinogens while performing the duties. Employers are responsible for providing protection and to see to it that their employee’s health is periodically checked.

Delayed diagnosis:

Kidney cancer can under certain circumstances be hard to properly diagnose, some symptoms of the disease are similar to kidney infections and kidney stones. If your doctor feels that the symptoms are associated with cancer it is important that early intervention took place. Depending on the exact circumstances, a kidney cancer lawyer may feel that it is appropriate to sue for medical malpractice.

If you have been exposed to diesel exhaust, asbestos or other cancer causing agents you should consider discussing your situation with a seasoned kidney cancer lawyer. For a free case evaluation you are invited to contact Diesel Injury Law.

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