Key Advantages of Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Lubbock, TX

When considering renting storage space for your belongings, several decisions must be made, such as unit size and whether climate-controlled storage units in Lubbock TX are appropriate. The answer depends on the types of items to be stored, such as electronics, valuable art, and certain antiques. These types of items are affected by temperature extremes and humidity so maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity is ideal.

Protect Against Temperature Extremes

If the storage unit is located in a climate that experiences temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in the summer and drops to subzero levels in the winter, consider a climate-controlled environment for your goods. Items like musical instruments, wood furnishings, and antiques, when exposed to these extremes, can suffer damage such as splitting, cracking, peeling or warping. Other items at risk include mattresses, books, electronics, and upholstered furniture.

Protect Against Humidity

If climate-controlled storage units in Lubbock TX offer humidity control, it would be wise to consider it. Seasonal changes often result in inconsistencies of humidity as well. Humidity-controlled units maintain a humidity level around 55% by reducing moisture in the air. Storage units without humidity control provide the opportunity for mold and mildew growth, wrecking havoc on furniture and bedding. Not having enough humidity in the air can damage wood by drying it out.

Benefits of Heated Storage Units

Having a heated storage unit protects your valuables from extremes of cold temperatures. The units are monitored and the heat adjusted accordingly to keep your items preserved. You will also appreciate the added benefit of having a comfortable environment when you access the unit. Air-Cooled and Air-Conditioned Options

Many self-storage facilities offer the options of air-cooled or air-conditioned units. Air-cooled units are appropriate for items that tolerate higher humidity but not high temperatures, such as pottery, wax items, wood furniture, and plastics. Air-conditioned units are ideal for items sensitive to heat like certain furniture, electronics, mattresses, and books and magazines. It also affords a comfortable environment during the heat of summer.

Visit for more information. Other benefits of climate-controlled storage include better air quality and added protection. Climate-controlled units constantly circulate the air so it remains fresh and clean. The added protection comes in the form of a barrier against debris, dust, and intruders such as insects and rodents.

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