Keeping your HVAC in Good Repair Year Round

Many people often wonder if it would be better to repair an HVAC unit, or replace it completely. Often the answer comes down to how often the unit has been regularly maintained. Taking advantage of the services offered by an HVAC repair in Jacksonville, you can easily extend the life of your residential or commercial unit no matter how rough it may look on the outside.

Regular Maintenance Benefits

Keeping your HVAC unit in good working order is important. It not only helps keep your home comfortable throughout the seasonal changes in the weather, but it can also save quite a bit of money on your energy costs. Maintenance is recommended twice a year, usually before each major heating and cooling season. One of the main benefits to considering repairs over replacement is the cost. Obviously it will cost much less to repair a part or two than it will to replace the entire unit – however, do these repairs restore the full efficiency of the unit or will it still need additional work? This is something you must consider.

Warranty Considerations

Almost all HVAC units will have some sort of warranty on repairs or replacement. If the unit is still within its warranty guarantee, take full advantage of this coverage and get repairs done quickly. The costs will be greatly reduced or even removed in this case. Another thing to consider is the convenience of a repair. While the unit may still be under warranty, has it been surpassed by several newer models? If so, even the manufacture may no longer stock the specific replacement parts you need and finding them could take time.

Does a Repair make Sense?

Additional things to consider may be your living situation. Do you plan on living in the house the unit will be installed in for long? If a move is planned in your near future, it wouldn’t be financially reasonable to replace the entire unit for someone else to enjoy. Unless that replacement increases the overall value on the home’s listing price. On the other hand, if you plan on remaining in the home for many years to come, there is no reason you should have to suffer through multiple repairs and frequent calls to the technician. For newer systems, repair will almost always be the better choice – but for units that are more than 10 years old, complete replacement may be the best option available.

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