Keeping Your Flowers Fresh in Storage

If you sell any type of flower or flower arrangement, then you know how hard it is to keep these flowers alive during display and storage. Depending on the flower, once it is cut, it only lasts from anywhere to a few hours to a few days before it starts to wither and not look appealing anymore. Now, you can do things like, put them in the refrigerator after hours, make your store mildly cold to help reserved their freshness, or even only make the flower arrangements as they’re ordered so they are always pristine. But all of these methods can costs you time, money, and business. The best way to display and store your flowers is to put them in floral merchandisers refrigeration systems in California. These systems are appealing and keep your flowers looking as fresh as ever.

Qualities of this System

Getting floral merchandisers refrigeration systems in California is the best decision that any floral business could make with their flowers. These systems look like normal, attractive display systems but they have tempered insulating glass and a refrigeration system built in to keep the flowers cool and fresh at all times, not just after hours. With this display system, your flowers will pop out to anyone walking by because the system is a sleek black with shiny glass doors. To make the flowers look even more appealing to customers, cool fluorescent lamps were installed into each of the display shelves to brighten the flowers and make them more eye catching. On top of all of those amazing qualities, this system’s doors are easy to open so that customers don’t struggle and become frustrated with your display system. Plus, the doors automatically close when the shelf is done being used so there is no chance of it being carelessly left open and it helps save energy.

If you are interested in keeping your flowers fresh during display in floral merchandisers refrigeration systems in California, contact Turn Key Systems on their website,

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