Keeping Multiple Dogs Under Control Safely

Dog training is important for every breed and all ages, whether they are just learning to walk or have been in your family since you were learning to walk. Having an obedient dog in your family is a great way to ensure your family and any visitors enjoy spending time with the canine instead of dreading every visit to the same room as him. Some dogs can be overly excited with visitors, and may jump up wanting attention. For older, young or injured visitors this can spell disaster. It’s important to be able to help your dog contain his excitement during visits to his home while still allowing him to interact with the new arrivals.

Start with the Basics

You can’t expect perfect behavior overnight, so you need to start small and work up from there. If your dog has not had any training yet, the basics will be the starting block. This includes the “normal” lessons every dog should know such as sit, lay down, stay, come, heel, and more. As your dog becomes familiar with those, he can start learning additional lessons and even move into more advanced commands. Whether you are using a professional Lafayette dog training facility or choose to work on it yourself, one of the most important things to remember is patience. Dogs are like children and their attention spans can be short. It’s important to never lose your temper if your dog cannot understand a seemingly simple command right away.

Working with Multiple Dogs

Many families have more than one dog, and each dog has their own level of intelligence and understanding of basic commands. When attempting to work with multiple dogs, always be sure to use the dogs’ name. If you want one dog to sit while the other one lies down, you need to specify to which dog you are talking to. Dogs do learn their names, just as easily as they can learn basic commands, and when working with multiple dogs you can use their names to issue different positions to each dog. Highly advanced examples of this can be seen of dogs in movies and on TV. They have been given many hours of attention and training by patient and loving trainers to reach this level of obedience, but like anyone, they can forget or mess up so always remember; patience, patience, patience!

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