Keep the Internet Connection Flowing at Large Tech Events

Tech executives and investors expect the Wifi at their events to work. They have absolutely no patience with dissatisfied conference goers grumbling about the inability to connect. If you’re one of them and have had to apologize for poorly performing tech at your own Wifi event, you understand.

Solve the Poor Connection Problems at Events

Renting a portable, enterprise-grade Wifi system can eliminate this issue. Hundreds of users can connect on a single system. When a keynote speech is presented in an enormous ballroom, you and your speaker can be assured everyone will be able to connect. Multi-tasking execs will be able to get their tablets, laptops and phones all going at once.

Keeping Your Event Sponsors and Attendees Connected

Any Wifi event is designed to showcase the benefits of connectivity. A secure, portable wireless hotspot gives speakers a chance to demonstrate their new app without fear of a crash in the middle of their sales presentation. Placing a rented portable hotspot in the exhibition area lets your trade show participants stay connected and consistently reach more customers.

Attendees at a Wifi event can be even pickier than the executives who organized it. Maybe they’ve wandered past an exhibition table and seen something really awesome, but it’s too loud or too crowded to get the info they really want. No doubt they’ll turn to their cell phones. When you’ve placed a rented hotspot nearby, they’ll connect in a flash. You’ll have happy trade show companies at your Wifi event and in turn, they’ll have happy customers.

With rented, portable wireless hotspots nearby, your exhibitors can use sophisticated crowd counting apps. The stats they get from these apps will guide their decisions about the ROI of your event and whether they’ll return next year.

Rental plans for these systems are available for nearly every need. Whether it’s a single-day lecture, a week-long corporate training session or a team-building exercise in the wild, you’ll be able to find one for you.

For more information on Wifi events and rented, portable wireless hotspots, check out their website.

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