Keep That Septic Tank Working With Quality Septic System Repair in Tacoma

Dealing with household waste has always been a problem, but modern society has solved the situation with several notable advances. One of these is the septic system. This amazing system is actually a miniature waste management facility and a well maintained septic system should last for decades. Specific maintenance will depend on the type of septic system, but the most common is vacuum pumping. That is, removing any solid waste from the storage tank and hauling it away. To understand why this is required, one must have some basic knowledge of how septic systems work. This can be especially important when the system fails and requires Septic System Repair in Tacoma.

The septic tank is the first portion of the system and it functions to collect the waste. At this point, the solid waste will settle to the bottom of the tank where bacteria and enzymes consume any proteins they can find. This reduces the mass of the waste so that other solids can be collected. This is fine for helping the tank process sewage, but the most important function of the septic system is to filter out the water so it can be returned to the local water table. This task is handled through percolation. This means the liquid is filtered through the soil so that impurities aren’t returned with the water.

Modern advances in the septic system replace leach lines with variations such effluent return sprayers. The original method of effluent return used perforated pipes placed in trenches that leached the fluid into the soil gradually. Sprayers filter the effluent by covering specific areas at different times of the day. Scheduling is usually based on percolation testing which determines how fast the soil can filter the water without being overloaded.

Another area where Septic System Repair in Tacoma may be necessary is the aeration system. This advance is used to remove even more waste from the effluent by pumping the effluent full of air bubbles. The oxygen in the air allows the bacteria to grow and they consume more of the solid waste. The downside to this addition is the expense of operation. The aeration system typically uses an electric motor for the aeration process which means a steady use of electricity.

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