Keep Maintenance Records On The Roof Of Your Commercial Building

A professional roofer knows that regular inspections and maintenance can increase the lifespan of a roof. When you are talking about a commercial roof, which is far larger than that of a home, it is a large investment, so anything that can prolong the life of this structure should be seriously considered. Commercial roofs can be constructed of numerous materials, including metal and rubber, but any professional roofer would be experienced in inspecting and maintaining all of these different surfaces.

Consult a commercial roofer in Aurora IL

If your building is in Aurora, your roof will be exposed to extremes of temperature. Thus, it is usually recommended that you have the roof inspected on a bi-annual basis. The spring and the fall are the usual times when these inspections are recommended. However, should there have been a serious weather event, such as a very bad hailstorm, it’s always advisable to schedule another inspection. Even new buildings can require inspection because sometimes there has been poor workmanship or even an inefficient design of the roofing system. Finding this out timeously will always be more cost effective than leaving a problem to worsen.

A roof maintenance program is essential

Having your roof checked should be as normal as the checks on any mechanical systems in your building. Any inspection should be documented and should include photographs. Should you change roofing companies, you would be able to provide the contractors with these records, which should assist them in identifying problem areas. Not all issues discovered during an inspection will require immediate maintenance. Some areas will simply be pointed out to you as something that will need work in a year or two, which is why it’s so important to keep abreast of the maintenance program, and to ensure that these problems don’t become major repair issues.

When partnering with a professional company, such as Showalter Roofing, you will be assured that your roof membrane, the roof decking and insulation, the flashings and copings, have all been carefully checked. If there’s any interior staining or discoloration, the reason for this should be uncovered and explained to you. Also, any evidence of leakage, rust, or other deterioration of the decking or joints should be fully documented in the report.

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