It’s Time: Window Tinting Season is coming!

You love driving around in your car and find a lot of joy in being out on the road for many reasons. Even if you think your car is as perfect as it possibly can be, chances are there is one thing you can do to make it even safer and more enjoyable. With professional window tinting applied to your windows by a skilled Jacksonville dealer, you can enjoy your drive time knowing that you, your friends, and your family are comfortable and protected from the sun’s harmful effects. Warmer weather may seem a world away during the chill of winter, but it is on the way and window tinting season will soon be upon us. It’s no secret that the sun can quickly turn your beloved vehicle into an oven on wheels, but with window tinting you can keep cool. To get ready for summer, start checking around for car tinting in Jacksonville, FL.

Temperature Benefits
During the hot temperatures and humidity of the summer months, no place seems safe from the effects of the weather- even your car. AC starts off at the lower setting and before you get to where you are going it is up full blast and still barely keeping you cool. Getting new window tint applied to your windows can change all that. Get your comfortable ride back and actually enjoy road trips once again, even in the middle of a summer heat wave. Window tint applied can lower a car’s interior temperature by up to 30° F.  If that is not enough, the window tint can do a lot to help lower the blinding glare caused by the sun and can help reduce painful eye strain.

UV Protection
The glass that is commonly used in car windows is effective at blocking most of the shortwave UVB rays that the sun sends down on us, but that glass offers little protection when it comes to the long-wavelength UVA rays. When windows are untreated, as is the common case with side windows and back windshields, the occupants of the car are exposed to all harmful rays that fall through the windows. With more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays blocked, window tint protects against damage caused by exposure to the sun’s rays and is very popular for commuters throughout Florida. When it comes to getting your car windows tinted, you can choose from a number of different shade intensities, so you can get the right amount of protection and privacy for you and your passengers. Enjoy your ride once again, stay safer and cooler, and cruise around in greater comfort with window tinting.

Advanced Window Tinting is the place to call if you need car tinting in Jacksonville, FL. Contact them today to obtain additional information.

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