Is It Time to Ask Experts to Analyze the Quality of Your Lawn?

Keeping your lawn flourishing and green can be a difficult task. Unfortunately pests, weather and neglect can often lead to some yellowing of the grass, thinning patches, or the length of the lawn too short or too long. At this point, it is best to contact a professional lawn care service in Jupiter so they can analyze the lawn, diagnose any problems, and bring it back to its green, healthy perfection.

What You Do Not Know About Grass

Most individuals know that their lawn needs water, but just the right amount, and the grass to be cut to the correct height for it to live and survive. Experts who provide lawn care service in Jupiter will use their years of experience to bring professional knowledge and suggestions to keep a lawn healthy.

Not all grass types work perfectly in every area. Sometimes the lawn experts will suggest that you have a blend of different types of grass and, depending on where you live, will suggest specific types of grass be laid in your yard.

Your professional lawn care service in Jupiter will assess the density of the turf. When it is thicker and healthier, weeds will struggle to grow. Different grass types have disparate colors and shades, but the ultimate goal for the best overall appearance is a healthy green.

Your experts will also look for diseases and check the soil type. This will dictate how much your lawn should be watered and fed throughout the year. Aeration of the soil may be required, and where the thatch in your lawn is too thick, they may thin the lawn out to reduce the disease and insect problems that are known to follow.

They will inform you of the correct height for your lawn so that it can remain healthy and provide advice about how often you should water it. Where there are shady areas, you may need a different lawn quality to be able to grow efficiently with less sunlight.

The information you are given about pests, weeds, insects and other problems that exist in lawns will help you better understand how to treat and improve it.

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