Is It Time for New Roofing in Poulsbo WA?

The nice thing about roofing is that the material is designed to last for many years. At some point, the homeowner will notice that the roof is not providing the benefits it did in the past. Identifying the nature of the issues will help the owner to know if there is a need for repairs or if the time has come for new Roofing in Poulsbo WA. Here are some signs to consider.

Brittle Shingles

While cleaning out the gutters, the homeowner notices that the shingles seem to be dry and somewhat brittle. This is different from times past when the shingles seemed to be resilient and sturdy. Even though they are still intact, it is only a matter of time before a storm causes them to break up. The best bet is to call a professional and find out if there is a way to coat the shingles for now or if the time has arrived to look at Roofing in Poulsbo WA.

Multiple Leaks in the Attic

Upon opening the attic door, the homeowner is greeted by a strong musty scent. While attics are expected to smell a little musty, this is much more than usual. A quick look at the underside of the roof confirms that mold is forming along the supports. What this means is the roof is leaking at one or more points. Depending on the general condition of the roofing and the number of leaks present, it may be better to talk with a contractor about replacement rather than repair.

Time for a Change

While many roof replacements are done because the roofing is worn out, some people just want to change the look of their homes. Maybe the homeowner is tired of a dark gray roof and thinks the house would look much better with a forest green roof. Assuming there is only one layer of roofing on the home, it will be easy enough to have a professional apply a second layer with the desired color. By changing the color of the trim at the same time the new roofing is installed, the look of the house will change dramatically.

If something does not seem quite right with the roof, call a Hanley Construction today. In a short amount of time, the problem will be resolved and the homeowner can look forward to many more years of service.

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