Is Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Car A Sensible Choice For You?

If you have been discussing buying a used car with friends, people you work with etc odds are that at least one of them has suggested buying a certified pre-owned Chevy in Chicago. These cars, simply known as CPO vehicles are used but they have been subjected to a battery of tests and have been meticulously inspected, they are then backed by a limited warranty and put up for sale.

There are more certified pre-owned cars today thanks to the improvement in new car sales and leases. As a result of the improvement in the situation there are more late model trade-ins and return from lease cars than there has been in years. Over a one year period from January 2012 to January 2013 there was an increase of over 15 percent in the sales of certified pre-owned cars.

Buying a pre-owned Chevy in Chicago does not mean that the car will not face some issues, what it does do is indicate that the car is going to be in better condition than a standard used car. As the CPO vehicle is warranted, should something go wrong with it within the warranty period repairs will be made at no cost to the buyer.

There are a few things to think about before you decide to buy a certified pre-owned car:

   * Is it worth the extra money? A certified pre-owned car will cost more than a typical used car but less than a brand new car. Depending on the vehicle, the price differential might be as high as ten percent, to you, is it worth it? If you are a real “belts and braces” guy that maintains annual service contracts for all your major appliances and you have a “rainy day fund” then buying a certified pre-owned car is an ideal choice as it will provide you with the peace of mind that your lifestyle seems to indicate you want.

   * Are there other added benefits? Every program has some additional benefits that increase the value of the purchase. Some programs include a year of free roadside assistance while others offer low interest rates, the same as are available for the purchase of a new car.

Because of the multi-point inspection and low mileage, you can expect to get a pre-owned Chevy in Chicago that will give you peace of mind knowing full well that anything that goes wrong while its under warranty will be fixed.

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