Is All Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) The Same?

Understanding the minute differences between products can help you to make an informed decision for your needs. While there are several ways to stay informed, you may also find yourself getting confused. For example, you may not know the difference in different types of diesel exhaust fluid. What’s more, you may not even know if there is a difference to begin with. Contacting a Florida exhaust fluid distributor can help to clarify, but there are other ways for you to begin the process of understanding.


The short answer to this question is no, not all diesel exhaust fluid is the same. The long answer, of course, is not so simple. While there are going to be differences between the various fluids that are available on the market, they all will still share core similarities. This is since diesel exhaust fluid must hit specific standards for it to be qualified as DEF.

There are several ways that these standards come into play. The urea weight concentration of diesel exhaust fluid must be about 32.5%. The main reason for this number might seem somewhat arbitrary, but it plays a large role in the effectiveness of the fluid. This weight percentage is based on the average temperature at which the fluid freezes. Consumers with an awareness of this can expect consistency across the board with the fluid purchased from any Florida exhaust fluid distributor.

Repeated Testing

There are many new brands of DEF on the marketplace in recent years. While all claim to follow, the strict standards set forth for the product, there is only one way to know for sure. A company that tests its products repeatedly and consistently is one to trust with following regulations.

Discovering the right Florida exhaust fluid distributor for your needs is all about understanding the product a bit more. Pay attention to the standards set forth in the industry and be wary of any companies that do not test products consistently for quality assurance purposes.

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