Interior Doors For Bathroom Upgrades

If you live in an older home, you probably have a master bathroom, half baths and at least one en-suite designed when bathrooms were just a functional room of the house. Today, with new upgrades and opportunities to create a more beautiful and luxurious space, there is a need for bathroom doors designed to match.

Virtually all homes not custom designed are going to feature those same old white hollow core wood doors. These bathroom doors are flat, with no details and no memorable or special features.

Upgrading your bathroom to more of a spa design, which is very popular today, also means changing out the fixtures, the flooring, and, of course, the bathroom doors. However, unless you are shopping at a specialty door manufacturer, you may find you don’t have much selection beyond those same boring old doors.

Go Natural Wood

A beautiful way to coordinate bathroom doors with marble, travertine or natural types of flooring options such as stone tiles or terracotta is to choose a wood door. Shaker and Mission styles with their clean lines and beautiful wood grain will look amazing with the natural look.

You may also want to consider bathroom doors with frosted glass or with caming, especially for an en-suite bathroom. Reed or rain glass is another wonderful option and creates a very natural and relaxing look to any room. These styles of glass provide a soft look to the interior and exterior of the bathroom when the door is closed yet also provides complete privacy.

Other Options for Styles

One very unique look that is both elegant and classic is a mahogany or oak panel door with an arched upper panels shape. This naturally draws the eye and makes the door look taller, adding height to the entire room.

Rustic looking Knotty Alder doors are also a great look in bathroom doors, and they are also a perfect option for bedrooms and other rooms in the home as well. By choosing this style of design and wood you will have coordinating doors, but the unique pattern of knots will be different in each door, just a subtle twist from the ordinary.

With all the different possibilities in bathroom doors, there is no need to go back to boring options. Be creative and try out some new styles, you will be amazed at the different look they give to any bathroom space.

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