Injured Victims Need the Help a Car Accident Attorney in PA Can Provide

Car accident cases are one of the most common personal injury tort cases. When a person is injured in a serious car accident, the ramifications can be far-reaching. Often, people are confused about who will pay their medical bills and provide for their lost wages. This is why many people seek answers and help through a Car accident attorney PA. This allows injured victims to have an advocate working on their side, so they do not have to face their case alone.

There are two important professionals involved in helping a person seek compensation for their injuries and damages. The first is the Car accident attorney PA and the second is the victim’s doctor. Being under the care of a doctor is crucial for proving the extent of injuries a person suffered from. Without medical proof, it can be difficult to substantiate a claim with the insurance company or pursue a case in court.

Once a person is under the care of a doctor, the attorney will work to begin processing the claim with the insurance company. Most insurance companies will not pay on a claim until the attending physician has released the patient or noted he is permanently disabled and will need ongoing care. It is in the victim’s interest to avoid quick settlements until they are sure of the extent of their injuries and the treatments they will need.

If the attorney feels the insurance company is not being helpful and not providing a fair settlement, there is the option of filing a case in court. A court case can allow substantial evidence to be submitted. Through a jury, the case will be settled. The jury will decide who is held responsible for the injuries and damages and what type of compensation will be awarded.
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