Injured on Your Friend’s Property? Hire a Lawyer to Settle Your Claim for Personal Injury in Iowa City IA

6840780_xlA fun backyard barbecue can quickly come to end when someone is injured. Whether you were burned by the fire, bit by the dog, slipped and fell by the pool or suffered an injury on the concrete steps on your way to your car, your friend is responsible for payment of your medical bills. Fortunately, most homeowners insurance policies include liability protection that will cover your expenses so your relationship with your friend doesn’t have to suffer just because you had an accident on their property.


When you suffer a serious personal injury in Iowa City, IA, you may need a lawyer to help you get the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and lost wages. If the accident happened on the property of one of your good friends, you may be tempted to minimize your injuries and other losses to keep your friend out of trouble with their insurance company. This can be a mistake if you have serious injuries that need continuous medical treatment or if you lose a significant amount of time from work recovering from your accident.


A lawyer can help you get your bills paid and serve as your advocate in the claims process. After working with your doctors to find out how much you currently owe and are likely to have to pay for future medical care related to the accident, your attorney may try to negotiate a settlement with your friend’s homeowners insurance company. In some cases, homeowners insurance will reject a claim if the adjuster feels the accident was not covered by the policy. As your advocate, you can expect your lawyer to fight aggressively to get you compensation for your injuries.


When a personal injury in Iowa City IA happens on the property of someone you were visiting, talk to a lawyer about your rights. Whether your friend has a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy or not, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately if your are injured. Choose an attorney who doesn’t charge a consultation fee and works on a contingency basis to ensure that you won’t have to pay legal fees if you aren’t able to collect on your claim.

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