Injured Cruise Line Passengers Should Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm

A person going on a cruise isn’t typically prepared for the possibility of a serious illness or injury. Issues that may arise on a cruise ship include slip-and-fall accidents, food poisoning, emergency-related injuries, drowning, sexual assault, and airborne illnesses. As devastating as some of these issues can be, it’s not always possible to make a monetary recovery. Read on to learn when it’s possible to sue a cruise line for a personal injury.

Can an Injured Party Sue a Cruise Line?

Because a passenger enters into a legal contract when they buy a ticket, they may be bound by conditions listed on the ticket or its documentation. Some contractual issues that determine the viability of a personal injury case include:

     *     Whether the party’s right to sue is jurisdictionally or time-limited

     *     Whether any disclaimers exist in the supporting documentation

     *     Whether the party must notify the line of their intent to file a lawsuit

When Is it Possible to Sue a Cruise Line?

If a person is injured during a cruise, they only have a limited time during which it’s possible to bring a lawsuit against the owners. Every jurisdiction has a statute of limitations that determines how long an injured party has to file a claim. If an injury victim is not sure whether their case falls within the allotted time, a personal injury law firm can give them information on that and other related topics.

Where Can a Cruise Line Be Sued?

Federal General Maritime Law and other regulations typically apply in lawsuits against cruise lines, however, most lines require passengers to follow a strict set of guidelines when buying a ticket. For instance, the cruise line may specify that all injury claims be settled in a certain geographical area, regardless of where the victim lives or where the ticket was purchased. Budgetary and time constraints prevent many injured cruise passengers from filing lawsuits in these cases.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

When someone is injured on a cruise, they can review their ticket and consult a personal injury law firm as soon as possible to determine the validity of their claim. Personal injury attorneys with W. Ware Morrison Law Group can tell clients about their recovery options and recommend the best course of action to take.

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