Independent Agents Can Customize Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita KS for Each Customer’s Needs

Motorcycle insurance in Wichita KS is very similar to that offered for cars, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Liability insurance protects the owner if he or she ever causes an accident as it pays for property damage, as well as medical expenses and lost wages for anyone who was injured. Motorcycle liability coverage is required by law in Kansas with a minimum of $25,000 per person for bodily injury and a minimum of $10,000 for property damage.

As with other vehicles, collision and comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Wichita KS is available. Collision insurance pays for damage to the bike if the rider causes a wreck or if someone else hits the bike and that person is illegally uninsured. Comprehensive insurance covers damage due to vandalism or bad weather, as well as loss of the motorcycle due to theft. Unless the owner is financing the motorcycle, these types of coverage are optional. Nevertheless, many people want the extra insurance. Motorcycles can be quite pricey, which can make it difficult to replace one that is seriously damaged or to afford extensive repair work.

People who already have automotive insurance are likely aware of factors that relate to higher or lower premiums, and they’ll encounter similar issues with motorcycle coverage. Underwriters consider young, unmarried men to be bigger risks than other population groups. Many other factors also are considered, depending on the insurer. A motorcycle that’s kept in a garage may have lower insurance premiums than one parked in a driveway. The owner of a motorcycle that has to be parked on the street is likely to receive higher insurance quotes. Someone living in a congested urban area may get higher quotes than a person living in a small, quiet town.

An independent firm such as the Andy Woodward Insurance Agency provides quotes from a variety of companies, so customers receive the best coverage for their particular needs. For example, one motorcycle owner may need coverage for an additional rider while another does not. If someone else will be using the motorcycle on occasion, insurance must cover this person too. Visit us to learn more.

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