Incorporating Sequins Fabric Into Designs And Themes

A little or a lot of dazzle and sparkle is a great way to add a festive and glamorous look to any type of design or theme for an event. While it is possible to choose sequins or rhinestones on tablecloths, table runners or even napkins, there is a lot that can also be done with sequin fabric.

It can be difficult to find sequin fabric on bolts for decorating. The best place to start to shop is online. Another tip is to choose a specialized linen supply outlet that caters to linens for weddings and other special events. These companies typically offer decorating fabrics at a much lower cost than sewing supply stores or online fabric dealers selling to the public.

Ideas for Sequins

The way that the sequin fabric will capture the light and add that dazzle with every movement of the fabric makes this a perfect choice for curtains or backdrops to frame a photo space, head table or podium for speakers.

The fabric can be hung from a stand to create the look of a frame or a curtain. Using solid color fabric as the backdrop and then the using sequin panels in a classic curtain drape adds an interesting look that is a bit more formal and ideal for photos.

Bows and Table Runners

Strips of this fabric can easily be used for dazzling looking table runners. Paired with a dark or light colored tablecloth of a contrasting color, they add a look of texture and shimmer. This is a fabric that really lends itself to highlighting candles, which are often included in centerpieces at formal and casual events.

Chairs or pews can also be adorned with a bow in this fabric. This is a perfect way to bring out the colors of the themed event in a luxurious look for evening receptions and dinners.

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