Impruneta Pots – History and Benefits

For garden enthusiasts, the impruneta pot remains a highly valued icon of the charming Italian garden. These terracotta pots are rich not only in their makeup but also in their appearance, adding a unique level of sophistication to any garden. Impruneta pots are celebrated for both their aesthetic and functional qualities.

Impruneta Pot History
In the middle ages, the town of Impruneta in Italy experienced an explosion in the population and in economic growth, leading to the exploitation of local clay for creating various kinds of vessels and bricks. This caused terracotta production to increase, with producing jars for the purpose of storing olive oil especially increasing in the 16th century. These jars were deemed longer-lasting and more beautiful than those created at other production centers, thanks to a combination of the local clay’s high quality and the excellent skill of the craftsman at that time. The strong reputation of Impruneta pots continues to this day.

Benefits of Impruneta
The clay used to make Impruneta containers is naturally iron-rich in addition to being rich in aluminum, calcium and copper. The coarse clay is the result of mining hard gray earth from the Italian hills, grinding this earth to a powder and mixing the powder with water. The well-known pale color of the terracotta then develops following the process of firing the clay. The benefit of this type of clay is that it can withstand even the most extreme of temperatures, being frost-resistant to a temperature as low as minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other Impruneta Information
The process of developing an Impruneta pot is generally lengthy and requires strong expertise. The clay used to form the pot is hand-molded, and air holes that form during the process are permitted to remain so that the clay remains porous. The porosity of the clay allows the clay to breathe easily, thus enabling freezing water to escape without causing damage to the pot’s structure. You can expect these superior pots to resist not only frost but also the effects of air near the ocean for more than 20 years. A quality company that provides garden products can help you select the Impruneta pots that best fit your garden’s style.

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