Improving Your Curb Appeal with Garden Shrubs in Marlboro, NJ

A person’s home is his or her castle, and we all want our castles to look nice inside and out. Some have avoided beginning work on their yards because they fear that it will be a long, costly project that will leave their properties messy for an extended period of time before the transformation is complete. Giving your yard a facelift can be as simple as planting or pruning some garden shrubs.

Selecting the Right Shrubs for Your Yard

As you begin to look at the many varieties available, it may seem overwhelming to narrow down the options. Do you hope to add year-round color, or is it your goal to attract more wildlife to your yard? Do you want a low-maintenance bush that requires few trimmings, or would you prefer a topiary to make your yard stand out?

By selecting a company experienced in landscape design, you will have assistance in determining whether your preferred garden shrubs will thrive in your climate and soil. Experienced landscapers will also be able to provide suggestions regarding which shrubs will do well in the different areas of your yard based on the amount of sunlight and drainage.

Care of Shrubs

After you and your landscape designer decide which garden shrubs suit your home the best and plant them in an environment in which they can flourish, the care of your shrubs is just as important as the original shrub choice. Making sure that your shrubs are given the best opportunity to thrive will ensure that your investment will reach its full potential.

Even if your shrub is not of a topiary style, proper pruning is necessary to both the appearance and health of the plant. Using an experienced landscaping service will ensure that your shrubs will receive appropriate attention to allow them to thrive.

If you’d like to discuss options about improving your home’s curb appeal with garden shrubs in Marlboro, NJ, contact us to speak with one of our professional landscape designers.

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