Improve the Appearance of the Home With the Help of Expert Siding Contractors

The exterior of the home is one aspect of the building that every visitor will see. Unfortunately, an unkempt or run-down exterior can leave the property looking ugly. Even worse, damaged siding can expose interior areas to the elements and result in a lot of collateral damage. Moisture can quickly destroy certain insulating materials and a simple crack in the siding can provide more exposure than it would appear. Siding Contractors can help by removing any damaged materials, particularly wood products, and installing something else.

There are various kinds of siding ranging from the typical wood slats to fiber-cement and vinyl. The one that gets used may depend on the condition of the building. For example, the use of vinyl is typically done to cover older products. One reason for this is that vinyl is not secured to the building like other materials. In fact, vinyl siding must float over the home in order to handle shifting and settling. This prevents the siding from buckling or warping if the building moves at all.

One of the more common materials used by Siding Contractors is fiber-cement. Planks made from this material provide various benefits including a reduction in pests such as termites. Fiber-cement boards are a mixture of Portland cement and cellulose. This may seem like a possible source of food for the termite, but the use of cement prevents them from consuming the cellulose fibers. Denaturing the cellulose with cement makes fiber-cement products an unacceptable food source for these relatives of the cockroach.

Fiber-cement siding is designed to mimic wood in both function and appearance. To aid in this task, the manufacturers place textures on the surface that resemble wood grain. Because the color is often a part of the material, these kinds of siding products need little maintenance except the occasional cleaning.

One concern that the home or property owner may have when installing siding is the appearance of the rest of the building. New siding can make other exterior areas look old and dated. Items such as doors and windows are another excellent choice when upgrading a home, and a combination of siding and windows can vastly improve the value of the building. In fact, this may be the best upgrade that a homeowner can make if they plan to sell the property. Visit the experts at and discover how replacement siding can improve a home.

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