Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a UV Flatbed Printer

Making a significant investment in a piece of equipment that could cost as much as a luxury car is obviously a big decision. If you are running a small to medium-sized enterprise, it is imperative that you do not rush into making such a decision. A UV flatbed printer is one of the most expensive types of printers available right now and is generally used by private companies for printing on different types of materials such as acrylic, Dibond, Sintra, Fome-cor, or even point-of-sale displays. Before you buy a flatbed printer for your needs, here are some important questions that you should ask.

Why Do You Want One?

Are you buying a UV flatbed printer to upgrade from the one you already have or do you want to add another to meet your rising needs? For instance, you might be looking to replace your old printer because it has become outdated or doesn’t work as well. Or you might be looking to add another in order to meet your production needs. If you want to replace the older model, check to see if you want the same model or if you would like to upgrade it. Similarly, if you are adding another printer to your lineup, you can also check other brands available on the market.

Lease or Buy

Because the costs of buying a UV flatbed printer are so high, many companies offer financing facilities to their customers as well. You don’t have to pay a lump-sum amount for the flatbed printer and can also get it on affordable installments. This is an easier option because you only have to pay a percentage of the price as the down payment and the rest in installments on a monthly basis.

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