Important Points To Consider In A New Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

The packaging of any product is one of the first things that a consumer sees and identifies with a given product or brand. Packaging is becoming increasingly important as customers become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of some forms of packaging, but it is also important from the business perspective as well.

Finding the most effective, efficient and versatile type of bagging and packaging systems is critical in reducing costs and eliminating waste and production slowdowns. One of the best options to accomplish this is the vertical form fill seal machine.

The vertical form fill seal machine, also known as a VFFS machine, offers packaging options and features that make it the right choice for many applications. Selecting the best machine starts with taking a close look at both the equipment as well as the manufacturer.

Industry Reputation

There are a lot of companies that market a vertical form fill seal machine. As with any type of equipment, some of those companies have a long history of producing state-of-the-art equipment and others may have limited experience.

It is always a wise choice to go with the manufacturer with the best reputation and expertise in your specific industry. This allows for a better understanding of what system features and bagging options will be the best for your needs.

Film and Bagging Options

The film is an ongoing cost with any VFFS machine, so working with equipment that is recommended for use with quality, cost effective film is going to be critical. Some OEM manufacturers of VFFS machines only recommend their film in the machine, which limits your company’s ability to find other, lower cost film supplies.

Additionally, consider a VFFS machine that can accommodate the different bagging requirements for your production. Think about what you need today and what you may need in the future to have equipment that can carry you through.

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