Important Information on Flea & Tick Extermination

Fleas and ticks not only cause irritation with animals, but they can also bite humans. These pests can invade the hides of dogs, cats and other furry friends. Unfortunately, this can cause an infestation in a home. When these blood-sucking pests enter a home, they can bring diseases with them. It is important for pet owners to know what can be done for Flea & Tick Extermination so all of the members of their family can be protected from the diseases brought on by these unwanted pests.

Diseases and illnesses carried by fleas and ticks include:

     *      Lyme Disease

     *      Tularemia

     *      Cat Scratch Fever

     *      Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

     *      Tick Paralysis

     *      Ehrlichiosis

Fleas can also transmit tapeworms to dogs through their accidental ingestion when a dog is biting at their fur. Unfortunately, some of these diseases can also affect humans. Aside from the diseases they carry, these parasitic pests can also cause intensely itchy bites that sometimes result in allergic skin rashes in some people. It is important to pet owners are proactive and work to protect their furry friends from these pests, so they do not enter the home and begin to multiply in numbers.

When a professional comes out for Flea & Tick Extermination, the entire home will need to be treated, along with the surrounding property. If the yard is not dealt with, along with the home, the infestation could return again. It is also crucial the pets in the home are treated, or the problem will continue to grow worse, even if the home is treated.

It is important to note, fleas can lay their eggs, and they can hatch without any further involvement from the mother. This is why it is important a professional is brought in to ensure the entire population of fleas and ticks is removed, no matter what stage of development they are in.

If you are a pet owner who is dealing with flea and tick problems, there is the help to be found. To learn about your home treatment options, visit This site will give homeowners more information about the pest control services the company provides. Call them today and allow them to schedule your appointment for service. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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