Important Considerations When Buying A Used or Refurbished Applied Biosystems Sequencer

A quick comparison of new equipment prices compared to the prices of used or refurbished lab equipment makes it easy to see why so many labs choose used equipment. However, as with any type of used instrumentation or equipment purchase, there are some important factors to keep in mind when buying an Applied Biosystems sequencer.

Reputation of the Seller

Choosing to make the purchase of the used or refurbished Applied Biosystems sequencer from a reputable, established seller is essential. Many of the online sellers are simply brokers or auction types of sites, acting as the go-between with the buyer and the seller.

While it is possible to make a purchase through these sites, there is also considerable risk in accepting the assurances and the evaluation of the equipment of the seller. By using a reputable company that has years of experience in working in the medical and lab equipment industry, the sequencer will be fully tested or refurbished before it is listed in the inventory.

Additionally, by using an established seller with in-house technicians for testing and refurbishing, there is the option to opt for a warranty on the refurbished equipment. This provides peace of mind and the assurance that any possible issues will be covered through the warranty.

Meets Requirements

The top sellers are also aware of the standards and protocols required for current testing in labs and facilities. They ensure the Applied Biosystems sequencer selected meets the minimum standards mandated for use in the lab.

These companies also provide full specifications and details of the equipment on their website. While their inventory will constantly change, they can also provide specific equipment if requested by a specific lab. Using their network, they can find the sequencer model required if it is not currently in their inventory.

This search saves the lab time in tracking down used equipment. It makes easy to have the exact model required delivered to the lab while also working within the specified equipment budget.

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