If You Are Being Verbally Abused, Consider Therapy In Hutchinson, KS

Abuse can take many forms within a relationship. Mental abuse can be very destructive, causing the abused person to lose their self-respect. They may retreat within themselves, accepting whatever is said in silence, regardless of how resentful they feel. Therapy in Hutchinson KS can help someone to regain their self-image and mental strength.

Some of the Signs of Mental Abuse

Walking on Eggshells

Mental abuse often causes someone to feel as though they are “walking on eggshells.” Never being sure what will trigger an outburst causes an incredible amount of stress. This type of psychological abuse is very manipulative, attempting to control the other person’s ideas of acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Presenting False Information as True

This can occur when the abuser tries to convince the victim that their memory of an event is false, trying to make the victim doubt their memory or sanity. The abuser may claim that they didn’t do or say something; the victim must be imagining things.

I Love You, But…

This is a threat, not a statement of affection. If the abused person doesn’t change their behavior as demanded, then they will not be loved. A statement such as, “I love you even if you are (fat, stupid, spending too much, etc.), is a control mechanism.

Humiliation in Front of Others

Embarrassing a partner in front of others can be made to appear like teasing or a joke. However, it is actually a sign of a lack of respect for that person.

The Cold Shoulder

The withdrawal of physical affection is also a form of control. The other person understands that there will be no signs of affection until they are “good.”

Unreasonable Jealousy

Faced with unreasonable jealousy, someone may give up a job or stop spending time with friends or family rather than deal with jealous outbursts or accusations. In a healthy relationship, the partners trust each other.

Controlling Every Penny

One partner may insist that the other account for every penny spent, turning even grocery shopping into a minefield of potential accusations. Savings accounts may be held in only one name, and assets may be hidden.

If you are experiencing these problems, consider Therapy in Hutchinson KS. Visit Adult Child And Family Counseling to learn how to better handle the situation. It may or may not be possible to save the relationship, but it is possible to regain your self-confidence and go on.

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