Identifying The Varying Types Of Restorative Dentistry In Bethesda, MD

Maryland residents may become involved in accidents that lead to tooth damage. These accidents could cause a break or chip in the tooth. In extreme incidents, the tooth could become dislodged completely. Restorative Dentistry in Bethesda MD provides immediate care to correct the damage quickly and painlessly.

Filings and Composite Resin Reconstruction

Composite resin is used to fill in cavities after the dentist removes the decay. They inject the resin into the holes they create. This secures the tooth and seals it off. The resin prevents any additional damage to the tooth.

In a reconstruction, the dentist places the resin into the tooth and around the surface. This allows them to reshape damaged teeth and restore them completely. This option is also performed to reshape slight alignment conditions and eliminate the need for braces.

The Benefits of Veneers

Veneers are flexible plastic devices that fit over the tooth enamel. The dentist uses it to bond the tooth. They are great options for eliminating discoloration and small chips on the tooth. Patients may requires these options for reshaping teeth that aren’t shaped correctly and cause aesthetic issues.

Are Crowns the Best Choice?

Crowns are placed over the tooth. The dentist grinds the tooth into a cone shape. The crown is placed over the tooth and secured with a professional grade adhesive. These devices are also used to secure permanent bridges. The longevity of these devices depends on how well the patient maintains their oral care.

Why Dental Implants are Popular

Dental implants are popular because they provide a more natural look. Instead of connecting to a larger device and installed, they are implanted individually. This gives a more natural look for the patient. These devices won’t slip or fall out. They are affixed permanently to the jaw.

Maryland residents have access to a variety of restorative options. These options help them make decisions about restoring damaged teeth. In some instances, the devices are replacing teeth that were extracted. A dental professional helps these patients make best choice for them. Patients who need Restorative Dentistry in Bethesda MD should contact Aspen Hill Implant & Family Dentistry PC or their Facebook page today.

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