Identifying the Need for a Root Canal in Grand Island, NE

The final decision as to whether a tooth needs a root canal will be based on your dentist collecting information in the dental office. Some of the information your dentist is going to collect will include symptoms you have noticed as well as signs that are obvious to your dentist, and finally, confirmation testing.

Your Symptoms

Pain is a common complaint from people who require a root canal, although pain isn’t always an indication of needing a root canal. The pain you feel can range from sharp and intense to a dull ache, and can be slight or extreme. Due to how the pain can vary, some people don’t even connect temporary tooth pain as being a sign of something seriously wrong. Some of the other signs that you may need a root canal include gum tenderness, swelling, and recurrent infections. Contact Grand Island Dental Center if you suspect you might need a root canal.

Signs Visible to Your Dentist

Some of the signs that your dentist may notice when doing an oral exam can include the color of your tooth, evidence of infection drainage, changes in the soft tissues, and asymmetry. While you might not see these things, a dentist is a trained professional who is going to see things you might not. The tooth discoloration and the asymmetry that your dentist may see are often so slight that you aren’t going to see it even if it’s pointed out to you.

Additional Testing

When your dentist suspects the need for a root canal in Grand Island, NE, he is going to be required to conduct further testing to confirm it before he does the procedure. Some of the testing that your dentist can do include x-ray evaluations, thermal percussion, and electric pulp testing.

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