Ice Coolers – Benefits and Options

Investing in a cooler that fits your needs and your pocketbook is easy if you ask your local hardware store owner the right questions. With so many options available to a consumer, it is important to note that no ice cooler is the same and the size and affordability factor can play a huge role in your decision.

A Good Fit
To narrow down your options, the overall size and capacity of the cooler should be the biggest consideration. Are you going camping with your family or planning an outdoor adventure? If so, look at what type of space you have available in your vehicle and consider how many people will need to keep their food and drinks cool for the duration of the event to determine your storage needs.

If you are catering to a large group, look into higher capacity ice coolers. Apache Junction hardware stores stock wheeled coolers that ease the burden of transport. For that last minute picnic or day at the beach, consider the wide array of smaller ice coolers on the market such as insulated cooler totes and backpack cooler combinations.

Choosing a Reputable Brand
The companies known for quality products that are sure to last are made by Yeti, Igloo, Coleman, and Rubbermaid and experts recommend you choose from the various sizes, styles, and colors available to today’s consumer.

If money is no object, Yeti coolers are by far the cream of the crop when it comes to ice coolers. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors and feature extra-thick walls with pressure-injected PermaFrost insulation and a ColdLock Gasket that minimizes unwanted air exchange. They are dry ice compatible and also feature an InterLock Lid System and a NeverFail Hinge System that is self-stopping and will not break.

Strength and durability goes a long way in choosing ice coolers, Apache Junction is known for its hardware stores that carry Igloo as the company has transformed its line and offer everything from the Igloo Yukon 70 Quart Cold Locker Cooler that is virtually indestructible to the more affordable Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler that features quick access and UV inhibitors to guar against sun damage. The liner is also stain and odor resistant.

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is a little less expensive but is built with extra insulation in the lid that provides superior cold retention and is guaranteed to hold ice up to five days at temperatures up to 90 degrees. Last, but certainly not least, Rubbermaid has made a name for itself and offers a wide array of ice coolers that offer superior thermal retention to keep food and beverages cold, as well as side swing handles with comfort grip for easy carrying.

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