I Want to Quit, But my Spouse Will Keep Using, What to Do?

Let’s say a person who has a drug problem wants to quit, but their spouse won’t quit and plans to keep using drugs. Will that affect the person’s chances of success, even if their spouse continues to abuse drugs?

The simple answer is YES. ABSOLUTELY!

Most if not all Addictionolgists believe, that a person will have a very poor chance of quitting substances while their spouse continues to use. It is just too much of a temptation for the person trying to quit, to see their spouse or partner intoxicated, and then not want to get high themselves. It just doesn’t work that way.

A clean, sober environment is a necessary first step for anyone considering becoming clean and sober. That only makes sense, right? And why put a stumbling block in front of yourself, if you’re trying to quit drugs or stop drinking? It’s already plenty hard enough, without the added pressure of being around someone who is drunk or high, to get off drugs and/or stop drinking.

Getting clean and sober can save one’s life, not to mention the benefit for the children involved. It is major step to take and one needs all the help they can get. This includes support from family and friend, and does not at all include having to deal with a person in the household who is actively using.

Some think that if they get sober, their spouse will see how good they are doing and want to get sober too. It’s a nice idea, but it really doesn’t work that way at all. Either one’s spouse is going to be supportive or they are not. Actively using is never a form of support.

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